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When talking about intangible, and valuable, the first thing your mind would click on to, these days, is bitcoin. The world’s gone crazy; literally everyone’s talking about it. Fundamentally, cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency, which is claimed to be designed to offer anonymous, secure and fast transactions. Thus, bitcoin, ethereum and other coins are called cryptocurrencies. The underlying technology behind it is called blockchain that serves as a distributed system which is encrypted using cryptographic techniques to oust the third party that used to verify the transactions occurred between two parties. There are multiple methods to earn a fortune through cryptocurrencies, one way is to buy the coins and sell them at a higher price and the other way is to mine the coins, which means using your devices’ processing power to generate new coins. Cryptojobs.biz: Blogging about the Blockchain, Cloud Mining, Cryptocurrency Mining, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash , Litecoin, Monero, Zcash, Bitcoin cash, Cryptocurrency, jobs and lot more.Get Free Bitcoin Best Crypto Site